Locksmith Services In Sunrise

Locksmith Services In Sunrise

Locksmith In Sunrise offer a wide range of services, such as rekeying home and auto locks, creating replacement keys, installing new lock systems for homes and businesses after break-ins, and opening safes. They also use tools to get into secure places or items, such as trip wires, modified hex keys, and plastic bypass shims.


Residential locksmiths protect homes, apartments, and condos from thieves and opportunists by installing and repairing a variety of lock and key systems. They also help homeowners gain access to locked rooms in their property if they are trapped inside, and make sure that home occupants can keep personal items secure from unauthorized use. Residential locksmiths are trained to use a variety of tools to open locks, including trip wires, curved devices that can break frozen tumbler pins, modified hex keys, plastic bypass shims, and more. They also install and repair safes for home owners.

Whether you need to install an electronic lock, or a simple brass padlock and key, Mr. Spare Key can help you find the right solution for your home or apartment in Sunrise.


Locksmiths can help businesses with a variety of security needs. They can also install home and business security systems.

Locksmith services for Sunrise commercial properties often include more high level security work like installing vaults and safes. These are designed to protect valuable items and assets from thieves and opportunists. These can be very difficult to break into. They use a variety of tools to open these types of doors, including trip wires, modified hex keys and plastic bypass shims.

When Mavis Discount Tire acquired NTB, they needed to get 41 stores up and running as quickly as possible. They turned to KeyMe Locksmiths to provide fast and efficient site inspections and locksmith work, with most jobs completed on the same day. This saved them time and money, while ensuring the safety of their employees and customers.


Locksmiths are professional contractors who assist homeowners, vehicle owners, and apartment tenants with lock installations, emergency home and car lockout assistance, and rekeying locks. They also help repair broken locks, install security systems, and create replacement keys. They are also trained to open safes.

Many homes and apartments are equipped with sophisticated electronic locks that require specialized tools to break into them. These tools include trip wires, curved devices that are utilized to open frozen tumblers, modified hex keys that fit over standard keyholes to pop locked pins, and plastic bypass shims, which are slipped between doorjambs to open spring-powered latch bolts.

These high-tech locks are difficult for miscreants to breach, but they can be frustrating if you’re locked out. To avoid this scenario, save our number on your speed dial and call us when you need any lock or key-related assistance. Our professional locksmiths will respond promptly to your concerns and offer on-site solutions.


Locksmiths often utilize a wide variety of tools to open homes and apartments. These include trip wires (curved devices utilized to open frozen tumblers), modified hex keys that serve as copies of original keys and can be used when trip wires fail, plastic bypass shims which are slipped between doorjambs and pop spring-powered latch bolts and high security locks such as Medeco and Mul T Lock that have key restrictions preventing you from getting your keys duplicated by anyone but your locksmith. Our Sunrise Locksmith Co can install, upgrade and repair these high tech locks so you can keep your valuables safe from intruders.